Thursday, February 21, 2008


u mYt Say dT I wS d 1St 2Let gO bTwn uS.
I sEd gUdbyE & u Let mE gO jUz Lyk dT. WEn oL I eveR
wntEd wS 4u 2 cUm aftR mE &saY, "pLs. staY", bUt u nvR did..

il b gon tom, u knw wat il do? id spnd 23 hrs w/ u. u may
think & 1der, how about d last hr? id spnd dt tym lukin 4
a prson hu wud cre & luv u,jst d way i did

only 1der sumtyms y dr cums a point wen i run out of breath & den id hve 2 nhale 4 mor air. mybe bcoz its an instinct 2 live wen i knw i still hve u.

its hard 2 let go of sum1 hu has touched ur lyf, bt it hurts
more 2 let go of sum1 hu was nvr urs yet changed ur lyf d most.

f u wke up 1 day & were 2 hve a wish, wat wud it b? mine wud b dt r frnship wud lst until u c an apple in an orange tree.

nothing else n dz world mkes me sad than d tot of losin u 1 day. yet, i cudnt b any happier evrytym i fil n my hart dt u wudnt let it happen.

frnship s a 1derful gft dt no 1 can buy. it s made up of luv dt ruts frm r harts & mke fruits of memory nt jst 4 a while bt 4 a lyftym.

f my tears cn mke u hapi, il alwys cry; f hurtin me cn mke u laf, il let u hurt me. bt f my hapines cn hurt u, id rather b n tirs coz il b hapier 2 c u hapi.

f i die 1st b4 u do,pls dnt 4gt d way i cared & luv f u die 1st b4 i do,u dnt hav 2 mke me prmise nythng 2 do 4 u.bec d day dat ul die, i know il die w/ u

A feather fell on my feet,i kept it.Dat day i ws thnking of my AnGeL, my CuTe 'Lil Angel. Do u Knw hu my angel is? well,look at ur wings, mayb its not Complte

i often ctch myslf constantly wndering hw u r, siting alon wi/ my mind set far, reminiscing abt ur smile,voice n touch...damn this life, im misin u so much

Im alwys pretndng Im hapi wen I cudnt evn smyl, kip on pretndng Im nt hurt now dt shes nt myn. bt wt cn i do f she lyks som1 new? Il just pretnd I dnt luv her 2

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


wn i luv som1,il do nytng 4 dat luv 2 last 4evr,wn i luv som1, i scrfice, i giv evrytng she wsh 4,evn if she wshes 4 freedom, it hurts so much bt dats luv

can't give u a KISS coz ur too far, can’t give u a HUG 4 we're miles apart... And it seems I cnt give u my HEART....coz it's been w/ u ryt from the start...

I gave you a hug...u hugged me back. I gave u a kiss...u kissed me back. I gave u
my heart...but u gave it back. Now, if i tell you i love you will you love me back?

What if I tell u that forever ul b mine
What if I ask u just stay at d line
What if I assure u with me ul b fine
Are u going to accept or jz say u decline

Deep inside my heart I already knew
It wont last a long time for me to have you
That's why I'm making the most I can
To let you feel you're the only one

I LUV U!!!Know y im teling u this???So that tomorow if I nver wake up,ul know that b4 I die Ive told u that I realy do luv u...

"The gateway to a happy life is through your heart, not through your mind!" this is my favorite quote in life.

"there are moments in life when i miss someone so much that i just want to pick him
from my dreams and hug him for real...missing you terribly...i love you!!!

If dreams werent dreams & dreams came true,i woodnt b here id b wiv u,Distance is 1 thing dat keeps us apart,But ull alwayZ remain in my heart

Do yu hv any idea hw lng iv w8td 4u 2say d wrds "i luv u?" nt 1s hd i herd it frm
u,bt fnly wn u dd,i faild 2hir d unspokn wrd behind it- i luv u,gudbye..

samtyms i wish dat i nver saw u, dat i nvr met u, dat i nver knew u, its not bcoz i dnt lyk u nider bcoz i h8 u but bcoz i felt fear bcoz one day i myt LUZ you..=(

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I fEl4u n IkNow dat its not ryt... dts y i Tryd 2 b OvR u TrYd nt 2 cry, TryD not 2 luv you.. but no mater wat i do evrytym ur nir... I AlwaYz say... "NAKU BAHALA NA! MAHAL KITA EH"

Be not afraid to lose or fail. No ocean crossed until u sail. No vic2ries ever won w/out a fight. No birds migrates without a flight. Have faith & God Bless!!

We don't lost special people, as long as we hold them in our hearts." I hope you'l always hold me n ur heart, just the way I'm holding u in mine...

Pipol met w/ a rison. We met bcoz ders a rison behind it. We may lose touch & nver talk agen. But am happy knowing dat once in my life I MET U!!

No one has travelled d road of SUCCESS w/out CROSSING d STREETS of FAILURES. God nver PROMISED us an easy JOURNEY N LIFE. But only safe ARRIVAL...

My heart says i have to take care of U, i shud make sure no1 wil harm U. Bt i jst cnt alwez b der 4u. So plz, alwez b creful evrytym u swing fr 1 banana tree 2 another.

u know hu u r, i jst wnt 2 let u knw.....i cnt imagine nt having u n my lyf. dat ders a special quality abt u, u hav a magical way of reaching nside me & filling my heart w/hope & happiness. u make me feel i can accomplish anything. Thank you friend. i couldn't get by w/out YOU!!! take care..

"The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain."

"In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."

"Dans l'amour vrai c'est l'ame qui embrasse le corps." Translation: In true love it is the soul that embraces the body.

"No matter how ugly you think you are, that special someone that loves you believes you are the most beautiful and irresistable thing on earth and nothing can ever change that."